Friends of Old Annville needs and appreciates volunteer help for a variety of very different kinds of projects. Below are listed four kinds of opportunities that could use your involvement and assistance.

  1. Historic Old Annville Day (HOAD). FOOA needs people to help on the HOAD planning committee, to help with set-up and break-down on the day of the event, for help staffing the FOOA store during the event, and for posting and removing no parking signs immediately before and after the event.

  2. Historic Annville Train Station. We need people who are interested in helping to maintain the train station. We need carpenters, wood workers, caulkers, painters, cleaners, and organizers of stuff in our archives in the basement of the station. We also need people willing to staff the station for periodic evenings or weekends when the station is made open to the public.

3. Quittie Creek Nature Park. We need people to join our email work group for our park work days. We can use trail mulchers, trash collectors, invasive plant removers, and people to cut back overgrown trails. Much to do, and in the beauty of the natural world.

4. FOOA Program Committee. Join this committee that plans our Spring and Fall programs, as well as our Annual Dinner Meeting in November. Our programs are related to Annville history and to historic preservation and include walking tours, house tours, talks, family days, and anything that will draw the interest of our town to its history and to its beautiful historic buildings.

Interested? We hope so! Let us know by sending an email to Friends of Old Annville (fooa_annville@hotmail.com). Please put "Volunteer" in the subject line and in the main text please provide your contact information and indicate which volunteer opportunities you would be interested in. We will be in touch.

Thank you so much.