Historic Building Award

Historic Building Award

This award was initiated in 1987 and is given, when appropriate, for recent major restorations of existing historic properties. An engraved bronze plaque, to be affixed to the exterior of the building, is presented to each recipient at an Annual Dinner Meeting of Friends of Old Annville. The recipients shall be selected by the Board of Directors. We present these awards to recognize and encourage excellence in historic preservation within the Annville Historic District.

Recent Award Winners

2022. Rotunda Restaurant & Brewery, 245 West Main St. for revealing and restoring the building's original limestone exterior and other renovations on Annville's oldest public house.

2019. St. Anthony Coptic Church, 118 West Main St. for the artistic renovation of the front façade of the building.

2014. The Annville Economic Development Authority for the restoration of five buildings at 9-21 East Main Street as part of the Annville Center Project.

2013. Scott Eggert and Daniel Massad for the restoration of the Lorenz House at 112 North College Avenue. This home, originally the home of President Lorenz of Lebanon Valley College, was built in 1888.

2011. Nevin and Eileen Hoover for the restoration of their log-construction home at 125 West Main Street after it was greatly damaged by a fire. The home was built in 1814 by an Annville physician, Dr. John Marshall.

2010. Lebanon Valley College for the restoration of the Administration Building/Humanities Center on North College Avenue that was built in 1905.

2009. Mildred and Ralph Shanaman for the restoration of the limestone retaining wall and historic iron fence surrounding their 1867 brick home built by Andrew Kreider.

2008. The Patriot House at 301 East Main Street for the restoration of the ca.1900 brick home as a Bed and Breakfast.

2007. David and Jill Palanzo for the restoration of their home at 525 East Main Street, originally built by U.S. Congressman Aaron S. Kreider in 1898-99.

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Historic Building Awards Given Prior to 2007

1993. Richard and Joyce Wherley for the restoration of their ca. 1810 limestone home at 115 West Main Street.

1991. Christ United Church of Christ for the restoration of their limestone steeple/bell tower in the 1903 structure.

1990. Phil and Judy Feather for restoring the ca. 1845 brick Batdorf home at 22 West Main Street as a law office.

1990. Lebanon Valley College for restoring the brick home (ca. 1850) at 125 East Main Street as an Office of Advancement for the College.

1990. Dorothy Hand for restoration of the 1814 limestone Biever home at 49 South White Oak Street.

1990. Randy and Deb Ebersole for the restoration of the brick Becker Home on East Main Street.

1987. Mary Lou Harris for the restoration of a log cabin at 437 West Main Street.

1987. Owen and Kathy Moe for the restoration of their ca. 1860 brick home at 308 East Main Street.

1987. Bob and Carol Werni for the restoration of their 18th century stone home at 414 East Main Street.

1987. Bruce and Donna Johnson for their restoration of their 1905 brick mansion at 444 East Main Street.

1987. Dolores Wolfe for her restoration of the ca. 1790 limestone Batdorf Building, for use as the Old Annville Inn restaurant.

1987. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McDowell for their restoration of the 1857 three-story brick Odd Fellows Hall at 219-21 West Main Street.