Friends of Old Annville offers for sale the following books, all of which relate to aspects of Annville's history, and several of which were published by our organization. If you wish to purchase a book, go to the STORE page of this website and buy it there.

A Pictorial History of Annville, Revised Second Printing (1987) by Fredric Richter, Kenn Kreiser, and Richard and Betty Streicher.

This book is a classic and no longer in print. It contains some of the very best existing images of historic Annville. We have a limited number of these books. This book is a true collector's edition.

Price $100

Annville Township in the Images of America Series (2011) by Paul Fullmer and Friends of Old Annville

This book takes you on a pictorial walk through the streets of Annville, mixing images with Annville history.

Price: $20

Preserving History, Building Community. A Documentary History of the Historic District in Annville, PA 1979-2019 (2019) by Michael Schroeder, with Megan Ball, Jordan Hoffsmith and Allison Page.

This is the story of how, through the work of local volunteers and amateur historians, the Annville Historic District gained formal recognition by the National Register of Historic Places.

Price: $15

A is for Annville, Exploring Annville from A to Z (2017) by Fred Richter and Paul Fullmer

A delightful, at times humorous, book taking us alphabetically through the town of Annville. A great book for kids and adults as well!

Price: $10

Porches Volume 2, An Introduction to the Citizens of Annville (1998) by Phil Billings and Dan Massad

Oral histories with some of the oldest citizens of Annville, rewritten poetically by poet Phil Billings. Sketched portraits by artist Dan Massad accompany the interesting, touching, and humorous accounts of life in Annville in the early to mid 1900’s. Volume 1 is now sold out.

Price: $10

When We Talk About War (2004) by Philip Billings

Poignant oral histories with Annville area veterans who fought in wars as members of the military.

Price: $10

Grandma’s Recipes (2001) by Linnea Miller and Doris Flory

A biographical cookbook with a compilation of both recipes and memories of Annville cooks.

Price: $8

Next Stop Annville: Remembering the Annville Train Station (1999) by Rita Breyer and Illustrated by Audrey Lucas

“For every child who exchanged a penny for two Chiclets or surrendered it to the railroad tracks at the Annville Train Station.” A wonderful compilation of stories related to the days of trains coming through Annville.

Price: $8

Literary & Literacy Walking Tour of Annville (2022), created by Joanna Guldin-Noll, with booklet by Michael Schroeder, for Friends of Old Annville (26 pp.)

Conceived and developed by FOOA Board member Joanna Guldin-Noll, this self-guided walking tour focuses on nine locations that help to illuminate Annville’s literary and educational history.

Price: $5