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PO Box 99, Annville, PA 17033

You can donate to Friends of Old Annville and designate your donation to your choice of FOOA initiatives by completing the electronic form below and paying for your donation through PayPal or through your credit card via PayPal.

You can specify what your donation is to be used for in one of two ways.  The first way is via the “Donate to:” dropdown window which includes ongoing FOOA initiatives, all of which are tax-deductible except a payment for our Annual Dinner in the Fall.

The second way to specify a donation is through the “Comments” box.  This method can be used to purchase books such as “Preserving History, Building Community” (2019, $15+$5 shipping/handling), “A is for Annville” (2018, $10+$5 shipping/handling) or “Annville Township” (2011, $15 +$5 shipping/handling).  Simply enter the name of the book you are purchasing in the Comments box.

The “Comments” box can also be used to specify a donation made in honor of or in memory of an individual, to pay registrations for some FOOA events, and to purchase items offered for sale in the FOOA Online Store.

NOTE:  Use the drop-down window to add the two-letter code for the State.  For Donation Amount, type in just the number (no $ sign), with two decimals – for example 100.00

If you encounter trouble paying online on this site, you can send your name, address, phone number, email address, preferred donation category, and a check (made out to “FOOA”) to cover your donation to Friends of Old Annville, Inc., PO Box 99, Annville, PA 17003.