Revision of By-Laws

At its meeting of July 14, 2022, the FOOA Board of Directors voted to adopt a number of revisions to its by-laws. Our goal in doing so was to more closely align our by-laws with our actual practices as an organization; to introduce greater flexibility where appropriate; to sharpen the language where needed; and to make the language gender-neutral (e.g., "chair" instead of "chairman"). Those revisions will not become official until the FOOA membership has an opportunity to review and vote on them at our annual dinner meeting in fall 2022. Below we provide links to three PDF files:

(1) FOOA's existing by-laws (copied and pasted from what appears below on this webpage)

(2) The revised by-laws as recommended by the Board of Directors

(3) The revised by-laws with the revisions highlighted in yellow (to make it easier to see what's changed and what hasn't)

Current By-Laws


Proposed By-Laws


Highlighted Changes