Quittie Creek Nature Park Expansion 2018

Led by the Quittie Creek Nature Park Committee, the Annville community once again has been able to add stream-side land to the Quittie Creek Nature Park. The beautiful tract of land that was added extends along the north bank of the Quittapahilla from East High Street in Annville to the Park entrance on Bachman Road, consisting of 2.64 acres.

Acquisition of this land for the Quittie Creek Nature Park in Annville added a third of a mile of land directly along the Quittapahilla Creek and expanded the nature park to 36 acres, stretching approximately 1.25 miles along the Quittie Creek.  This new land provides a permanent hiking trail that connects the park to the East High Street area and neighborhoods to the west (see photo of this land on the right).

The Quittie Creek Nature Park Committee of Friends of Old Annville, Inc. led a fund-raising campaign in 2017, raising over $33,000 to purchase this new land for the Quittie Park.  Annville Township, which has always owned the park, bacame the owner of this new land as well in Spring, 2018.  Fred and Tanya Richter of Annville stepped forward with a major gift, covering the entire purchase price of the land itself. The remaing donations were used to cover the costs of subdivision, surveying, signage, legal, engineering, and settlement costs. The trail connecting East High Street to Bachman road has been named the “Fred and Tanya Richter Streamside Trail.”