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Facade Grants

The Façade Grant Assistance Program is designed to assist owners of private residences and independent businesses in restoring and preserving their historic buildings. The program will focus on the façades of historic properties that are visible from the street and the public view.

For the calendar year 2018, Friends of Old Annville will make available up to $4,000 for the Facade Grant Assistance Program.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year up until October 1st.  Applications submitted after October 1st will be considered for the following calendar year.  The size of any single award could range from $500 to $4,000. In no case will the grant funding exceed 50% of the project costs. A Grant Application Packet, in the form of a writeable PDF file, is available for download here:  Facade Grant Program Application – Revised 2018.

Prior to submitting the grant application, the property owner must obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Annville Historical Architectural Review Board (online information at ) and the Board of Commissioners of Annville Township. These certifications are required for all façade projects on historic buildings in Annville.

During the period 2009-2019, Friends of Old Annville provided $31,649 in support of 23 historic restoration projects in Annville.

A list of supported projects is given below:

2009  Denyse Haupt, Front Porch Restoration, 215 West Main Street
2010  David and Sarah Porche, Repaint Home at 243 East Main
2011   Annville Free Library, Side Entrance Project
2011   Michael and Laura Charelian, 330 East Main Street, Painting
2011   Scott and Karen Mailen, 101 South Lancaster Street, Porch Project
2011   Matt Springer, 43 West Main Street, Gutter Work
2013  Fred and Deb Hess, 122 East Main Street, Brickwork and Painting
2013  John and Corrine Bulley, 234 East Main, Porch Repair and Painting
2014  Michael and Charlene Kreider, Porch Repair at 503 West Main Street
2014  Helen Traglia, Healing Circle, 38 West Main Street, Side Porch Repair
2014  Michael Beare, Corvette Bar and Grill, 202 West Main Street
2015  Scott Eggert and Daniel Massad, 112 North College, Installation of Iron Fence
2015  Michael and Bonnie Bowman, 225 West Main Street, Painting
2016  Adrienne Stalek and David Pickel, 146 West Main Street, Window Replacement
2016  Union Hose Fire Company, 217 East Main Street, Total Restoration of Front Porch
2016  Rich and Susan Raiders, 321 East Main Street, Front Porch Repair
2016  Mark and Danielle Lesher, 450 South White Oak, Roof Repair
2018 Tamara Heagy, 426 East Main Street, Roof Repair
2018 Kerrie Smedley and Patrick Brewer, 44 East Main Street, Painting
2018 Annville Free Library, 216 East Main Street, Window Replacement
2018 Historic Annville Train Station, 155 North Moyer Street, Train Station Endowment Fund
2019 Rotunda Restaurant and Brewery, 245 WEst Main Street, Restoration and Repointing of Limestone Exterior
2019 Jordan Hoffsmith, 343 West Main Street, Facade Restoration