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PO Box 99, Annville, PA 17033

Friends of Old Annville was founded in response to the demolition of several historic buildings in our town center.  Our group formed with a mission to advocate for historic preservation and adaptive reuse of Annville’s historic treasurers.  To that end, we have moved forward on five different fronts:

Annville Historic District.  FOOA members led efforts to win national recognition of our historic district by the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.  We also assisted in the development of a Historic Zoning Ordinance in 1996 to limit demolition of historic structures and to create a Historic Area ReviewBoard (HARB).

Historic Annville Train Station.  FOOA undertook the purchase and restoration of the 1891 Reading Railroad Train  Station in Annville (see picture).

Facade Restoration Grants.  In 2009, FOOA initiated a Facade Restoration Grant Program to support home and business owners in the restoration of the facades of their buildings within the Annville Historic District.

Historic Building Award.  FOOA awards annually its Historic Building Award to a major restoration project within the Annville Historic District.  The award, a bronze plaque to be attached to the exterior of the building, recognizes the importance of the restoration project to historic Annville.

Additionally, FOOA awards annually its Property Pride Award to home or business owners who have made special efforts to beautify their historic properties.

Friends of Old Annville also supports historic preservation through its quarterly programs, tours, and walks.