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PO Box 99, Annville, PA 17033

You can join Friends of Old Annville or renew your annual membership by completing the electronic form below and paying for your membership through PayPal.  NOTE:  Use the dropdown windows to insert the two-letter code for the State, and for the Membership Category and Membership Type.


Alternatively, you can send your name, address, phone number, email address, preferred membership category, and a check (made out to “FOOA”) to cover your membership to Friends of Old Annville, PO Box 99, Annville, PA 17003.  Look over the Membership Categories drop-down list below and then specify which membership you would like.  The amounts of the dues are listed for each membership category.  Also indicate whether it is a new membership, renewal, or gift membership (please include names/addresses of recipients if you want a gift membership).


Please enter the recipient's information below and we'll send a special letter to announce your gift.