FOOA Annual Dinner Held on October 3, 2020

Despite the threat posed by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the ever-present possibility of lousy weather, the Annual Dinner Meeting of Friends of Old Annville went forward with great success. Under the roof of the Kiwanis Pavilion next to the Annville-Cleona Community Pool off East Maple St., we were graced by a lovely autumn evening, with dappled sunlight and a gentle breeze, temps in the 60s, boxed gourmet meals served individually by Becky Briody’s Chef-on-the-Go, and each other’s very welcome company.

Annville Free Library President Marty Brandt spoke on the “Past, Present, and Future” of this treasure of a local institution. Especially noteworthy was Marty’s discussion of the Library’s plans for expansion to meet the large and growing demands for its services by the local community.

Other highlights of the evening include FOOA Treasurer Megan Ball’s report on our organization’s sound financial footing (in sum, as of 30 Sept. 2020 our account balances were: operating account, $66,320.27; Train Station account, $4,790.26; Quittie Nature Park account, $12,352.78; this year’s large increase in the operating account is due to a generous bequest from the Phyllis C. Carey Trust in the amount of $59,523.49).

The slate of candidates presented in the July/August issue of The Landmark was elected to the Board of Directors for the 2021, 2022 term: Michael Schroeder as President; Douglas Nyce as Vice President; Melissa Barlow as Secretary; and Tucker Hull, Joerg Meindl, and Jordan Hoffsmith as Members at Large.