Allen Theatre Update

Friends of Old Annville called together an Allen Theatre Digital Project Committee in June of 2015 for the purpose of raising the funds necessary to purchase a new digital projection system for the Allen Theatre. Our fund raising efforts last July on behalf of the Allen Theatre elicited a strong and broad-based community response: 71 donors provided a total of $70,650, with an additional $2,500 due in 2016.

In early August of 2015, Friends of Old Annville placed an order for the new digital projection system from Cardinal Sound and Motion Picture Systems of Elkridge, Maryland. The projector was delivered and installed (see image), along with employee training, in mid-October. Friends of Old Annville owns the projector, but leases it to the Allen for $1 per year.  With this new system Skip Hicks can bring in a wide variety of first-run movies that are well-suited to his audience.

digital projectorThe new system is also able to show older movies on a specialized DVD player capable of projecting directly through the new projector and Dolby sound system, giving a full-screen movie experience to a wide range of older classics. Skip plans to use these DVD capabilities to run more multi-movie series and special event programming.

The Hicks used the theater down time to carry out needed repairs, maintenance, and repainting. The theater is now up and running, opening on December 17, 2015 with Star Wars, and showing first-run movies in Annville.  You can follow the progress and programming at the Allen at its website, Allen Theatre Website, or at the Facebook page of the AllenTheatre: Facebook Page.