Artful Images of Annville

by photographer Laura Charelian


Quittapahilla Creek, looking south

The "Quittie" Creek, as called by locals, is a beautiful wide creek that winds and turns south of town, running the length of Annville east and west. It affords a variety of scenic views. This photo was taken off the landing at the Mill.


Old Mill

This old mill has been a working mill for over a century, and is now in the process of being preserved and shut down. Located just south of Main Street on the west side, bounded by the Quittapahilla Creek.


Log Home - West Main

Restored log house on West Main St., north side


Converted Firehouse - West Main

Converted firehouse on West Main St., north side; now apartments


West Main Street Home

Formerly a restaurant, this unique stone home has a Victorian addition and porch on side. North side of street. One block from square.


Kettering's Corner - on the Square

Located on the square of Annville, Kettering's Corner is an ice cream and sandwich shop, formerly a sportings good store. It is surrounded by restaurants, law offices, antique stores, homes and a church.


Kettering's at dusk

At dusk, Annville lights up with its vintage streetlights and lit store fronts


Homes on the Square

West Main Street


Church of Christ

Dating from the 1800's, the church is 3 blocks south of Main St., across from elementary school. It has a small park in back.


Allen Movie Theatre

One screen movie theatre on East Main Street, built in early 1900's, now renovated, has a cafe in front of building. Looking north across Main.


Movie Marquee - East Main Street


Lebanon Valley College

Lebanon Valley College, a private institution on the east side of Annville


Miller Chapel

Modern church on campus, just off main quad


LVC Quad

An example of modern architecture on the campus


Old Steam Plant

Generating facility on LVC campus


United Methodist Church

On East Main Street, adjacent to Lebanon Valley College


Old Firehouse

The Old Union Hose, one block north of East Main Street


East Main Street shines at dusk

East Main Street looking west; Lebanon Valley College is on the right


Double Homes - East Main Street

Double homes on the south side of East Main Street


Plantation on Main

Built in 1867, this huge plantation style home has wrap-around porch with columns, original iron fence, sky blue beadboard and black shutters. Beautiful shades trees surround. East Main St. south side.


330 East Main Street

Built in the early 1900's, this solid brick house is set high off street facing north, landscaped on half acre, 3 stories with attic.


Traditional on East Main Street

East Main Street Annville is home to many large turn of the century homes, meticulously preserved, with a variety of architectural styles. All homes on Main St. are in the official Annville historic district.


East Main Street - Vintage Limestone

Tradition has it that George Washington stopped here for a drink! Gorgeous stone from 1700's, with side yard on corner lot of East Main Street.


East Main Fanciful

Quirky architecture on East Main St. features lavender door, side porch, gingerbread top.


"Bishop Mills" House

This gorgeous East Main Street mansion, originally built for Bishop Mills and wife in 1906, employed the same architect that designed the Carnegie Library on Lebanon Valley College Campus.


Funeral Home

Example of the stately architecture of the east side buildings, East Main Street


Maple Street, South Side

Maple Street is a lovely side street that parallels the length of Main Street on the east side, and is just one block north of Main, featuring all-American residences and big yards.


Train Depot

Restored antique train depot on east end, 3 blocks north of Main Street


Railroad Tracks Heading East

Active railroad tracks located north of Annville, run east and west, college buildings can be seen on right


Farm House

An example of beautiful preserved 1800's farmhouse, located 1/4 mile north of Main Street