515 East Main Street

Aaron S. Kreider Home


The house at 515 East Main Street was built by Aaron Shenk Kreider, who would later become a congressman, and his wife Lizzie (Horst) Kreider in 1898-1899. The land where the house was built (3½ acres) was bought by Aaron S. Kreider from Nathaniel and Emma Light for $1600 in 1898. Aaron and Lizzie Kreider and their children lived in the house prior to moving to their Hill Farm Estate located north of Annville.

515 East Main as seen from the front in 1927.


An early picture of 515 East Main, perhaps from the 1920s.


Aaron S. Kreider, the youngest son of David Kreider, Sr., was a prominent grain merchant and owned a prosperous shoe factory along Sheridan Avenue where a LVC parking lot is located today.  Honorable Aaron S. Kreider served as Pennsylvania’s 18th District representative from 1913-1923.


The house was sold to Alvin K. Kettering (Kreider’s nephew and foreman of his shoe factory) in 1921 for the sum of $9000.


From left: Joseph H. Kreider, David Kreider Jr., Henry H. Kreider, Andrew Kreider and Aaron S. Kreider (Biographical Annals of Lebanon County by J.H. Beers, 1904).


This Victorian Home has 5,100 square feet of living space on three floors.  The house still contains much of the original woodwork, hardwood floors with inlaid patterns, chandeliers and light fixtures. It is rumored that it is one of the first houses built in Annville with electricity.  Some of the features of the house are a coffered ceiling in the dining room, leaded glass entry door, side lights and transoms in the foyer, and an original gas fireplace in the parlor with ceramic tile surround.  The third floor originally housed large cisterns that collected fresh rain water used for the “running water” indoor plumbing.

A picture of 515 East Main from the late 1920s.


The wrought iron fence across the front of the property is also original as is the circular driveway as documented by pictures from the 1920s. On walking by the front of the house notice the large chain attached to the brick pillar that was used to close the driveway.  The back of the property is bordered by an alley where there is a three-stall horse barn and carriage house.


Jill and David Palanzo purchased the house in 2006 and are in the process of restoring it to its earlier grandeur.  The community has enjoyed watching the process of rebuilding the front porch, which was completed in 2007.


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